Boadella is right

In an interview in El País, Albert Boadella (1) revealed that "we would have been happier without the Catalan language, much happier; there would have been the same number of artists, writers, everything exactly the same; the people would have been equally educated or uneducated". He also said that "the Catalan language has been used like a military asset, for struggle and separation, not as an element of understanding", and he added: "I don’t speak Catalan to my grandchildren, who live in Soria. They know it because they are my son’s children, but I don’t speak to them in Catalan".

He’s absolutely right. We would have been happier without the Catalan language because we wouldn’t have had to fight for it swimming against the tide, which is very tiresome, as are all unpopular struggles. And following this logic, we would also have been happier without homosexuality, right? And without religion. Without anything that upsets the placid and comfortable uniformity of the life proclaimed by the elite.

Did he say that the language has been used as an element of struggle and separation? Yes, it has. Whenever others have imposed their own language.  Has sexual orientation been used as an element of struggle and separation? Yes, of course. Whenever others have imposed their own sexual orientation. In Albert Boadella’s paradise --a theatrical one, with well-deserved comfy seating, of course-- the audience applauds and overacts at every exit, and every difference enervates and offends.

Did he say that he doesn’t speak Catalan to his grandchildren in Soria? It hardly matters; but at least he is consistent. Because it seems that, in any case, the children's father --Boadella’s son-- does speak to his children in Catalan. Perhaps he just couldn’t help himself. At any rate, with one more generation it will all be resolved and he will have contributed to his great-grandchildren being much happier than his grandchildren are. Hang in there, you won’t have to wait long.


(1) N.T Catalan playwright Albert Boadella is a controversial figure who has been very vocal against Catalan-medium schooling in Catalonia.