Good intentions and hell

Starting 2019 gives us the opportunity to make the same old mistakes again

Everyone knows that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, but would any new year be complete without a list of resolutions to fail to keep throughout the coming year? Starting 2019 gives us the opportunity to make the same old mistakes again and maybe even get something right this time. Good intentions last for however long they may last, but today it feels as if they could survive for 365 days, in a year which is unlikely to prove easy. Here is a list of good intentions worthy of the most optimistic impostor:

  1. Make respect the word of the year.
  2. Start respecting your own time.
  3. Engage in just battles.
  4. Use the internet to learn.
  5. Learn without the internet.
  6. Believe that the truth is attainable.
  7. Fight to publish the truth as if one’s life depended on it (knowing that it does depend on it).
  8. Engage only in the profession of journalism.
  9. Erect an insurmountable wall between facts and opinion.
  10. Refuse to deceive yourself.
  11. Honour with your words those who fought fascism before us.
  12. Listen.
  13. Avoid seeking the approval of the Greek chorus.
  14. Change your mind.
  15. Don’t be afraid to doubt.
  16. Distrust unanimity.
  17. Face uncertainty with the joy of a challenge.
  18. Find the pleasure in riding a roller coaster.
  19. Put yourself in the shoes of those you don’t understand.
  20. Choose your friends wisely.
  21. Avoid those who try to teach you a lesson.
  22. Cry with laughter.
  23. Dance in the dark.
  24. See the sea every day (alright, every week).
  25. Look at trees (no, there’s no need to hug them).
  26. Find out when artichokes and peas are in season.
  27. Plan the day without teleporting.
  28. Plan the week ahead.
  29. Get rid of half of your useless objects.
  30. Be able to plan your holidays and buy tickets in advance.
  31. Get out of the newspaper office more.
  32. Congratulate people more.
  33. Don’t seek approval (there are people who never approve of anyone).
  34. Stoically tolerate the silence produced by Alzheimer's.
  35. Trust.
  36. Run, run and run.
  37. Don’t agree with stupidity.
  38. Allow for error.
  39. Repot your bonsai.
  40. Take the dog to the beach.
  41. Don’t give it chorizo
  42. Keep in mind the human dimension.
  43. Get up, dust yourself off and carry on.
  44. Reach an agreement.
  45. Write and read more.
  46. Put things in order before you run out of steam.
  47. Keep quiet.
  48. Don’t make absurd lists.