VV’s Diary

16 of May: Pity the vanquished! Such is the daily message coming from Madrid

If the independence process is defeated, we will not remain as we are now. The choice is not between independence or keeping the status quo, but between independence or seeing our self-rule crushed. They say so every day.

Minister Wert says so when he talks about destroying the Catalan-medium school system. Home Secretary Fernández Díaz says so when he looks down on Catalonia’s police force and its ability to fight terrorism, in the middle of the darkest, most serious incident, an outrage in any democracy: the alleged tip-off to a jihadi cell by Spanish police officers who warned them that they were being targeted by the Catalan police.

Again, Wert says so as he tries to impose bullfighting through the backdoor (it is more important to show who is boss than the actual controversy about bullfighting). The Electoral Commission says so, with its abusive prohibition of pro-independence flags.

We will not remain as we are now. If the independence movement is defeated, the plan is to backtrack and dump Catalan self-government and everything that is protected by Catalan self-government.

Every day we get their version of the Latin phrase “Vae victis”. As a supporter of independence, I am outraged. If I were a unionist, I would be, too: someone is playing with fire.