VV’s Diary

11 May: “A while ago Rajoy used to take the mickey out of Cameron”

It was back when the Tory leader agreed and committed to a referendum on Scottish independence, simply because it was the right thing to do from a democratic standpoint, not because of history or the law.

At the time --as he laughed at Cameron--, Rajoy must have thought that the young English politician was about to cock it up and would eventually end up with egg all over his face: Scotland may well be lost and British society would punish him with a defeat in the next election.

Rajoy, on the other hand, --with his policy of permanent denial and by sticking to his guns-- would get to keep Catalonia and would be unanimously applauded by Spanish society and rewarded accordingly at the polls.

Well, fast forward to now and it turns out that Cameron has managed to keep Scotland in the UK --for now-- with a tighter grip than Rajoy’s (after all, Cameron has won a referendum) and not only has he won the elections again, but he has got an even broader majority than last time.

It is true that nobody in Scotland voted for the Tories. They never used to, anyway. But they have also stopped voting for their Labour opponents. It is Cameron who is laughing now. His policies have obtained far better results than Rajoy’s.